Tax Identity Theft (as reported by Aly J. Yale on

Identity theft is a major problem during tax season. Tax identity theft traditionally occurs in one of two ways. The first situation arises when someone files a fake tax return using your social security number in an attempt to steal your refund. The second situation arises when someone has used your social security number to… Read More

Save Your Tax Forms (as reported by Janna Herron on

Too many people make the mistake of trashing their tax paperwork right after they file their taxes. They take the time to organize everything in order to complete their taxes online or with a personal accountant, so that they can file on time and, hopefully, get a refund. But then as soon as they’re done,… Read More

New IRS Validation Rules (as reported by

This time of the year, the IRS fields countless calls from taxpayers and CPAs who have questions about tax filing. But all too often, they are flooded with another kind of call as well. These calls come from scammers whose sole aim is to defraud the IRS and potentially steal some valuable identifying information in… Read More