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How can we help students change the world?
Give them an EGE.

W!se believes that educating a new generation of talent with the capacity to influence change is one of the best investments we can make for society and our environment.

What is Engineered Green Economics (EGE)?
The EGE (“edge”) Initiative prepares high school students to meet complex environmental and social challenges through sustainability education. Students learn about climate change, resource efficiency, clean energy, green careers and new technologies to address environmental, social and business mandates.

EGE provides:
* Sustainability education using an interdisciplinary approach with volunteer experts from a variety of industries
* Educational resources including but not limited to curricula, courses, projects and tools
* A robust network of advisors and professionals from a variety of industries
* Opportunities for experiential activities with industry or community partners that enable young people to ‘talk and walk’ sustainability
* Professional Development

Curricula and Lessons:
Used to support instruction, as a unit or a series of seminars:
               Introduction to Sustainability
              Case Studies in Sustainability

Experts in the field of sustainability from various industries and universities

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