Building a Credit History (as reported on

When it comes to credit, an individual can either have good credit, or bad credit. Right? Actually, there is a third option, which is often the least understood. And that’s having no credit at all. Having no credit, in some circumstances, is just as bad as having bad credit. That’s because lenders use your credit… Read More

Student Loan Consolidation (as reported by Jeff Gitlen on

Often, borrowers accrue multiple student loans from multiple sources. That is why we have such a thing as student loan consolidation. If you fall into this group, you may have already considered consolidating these loans into one new loan. But there are things you should consider before taking that next step. First, it is important… Read More

Credit Card Perks (as reported by Rosie Spinks on

For the responsible consumer, credit cards offer a lot of value. If you have a credit card already, and you make sure to pay off your balance each month, you may want to ask yourself what you’re getting from it. Smart credit card users know that they can get special perks for spending on their… Read More

Know Your Credit Score (as reported by Kathryn Vasel on

For many years, it was very difficult (in some cases, nearly impossible) for an individual to check his or her credit score. We had to hope that when we needed a loan, our score would be there to support us. Then companies started offering free and paid services so that people everywhere could check in… Read More