3 Things Millennials Need to Know When Choosing a Credit Card (as reported by Taylor Tepper of time.com/money)

Today’s young professionals have a complicated relationship with credit. A report last year found that more than three in five millennials did not own a credit card, while another survey, by Creditcards.com, found that 36% of 18-to-29 year olds have never had one. Millennials, of course, had the distinct misfortune of entering the job market… Read More

6 Reasons You Can Be Rejected With An Excellent Credit Score (As reported by Nick Clements of forbes.com)

These days, credit scores are everywhere. Many banks now print credit scores on your monthly credit card statement, and companies and online sites like CreditKarma.com give credit scores for free. Americans increasingly understand how their score is calculated and how to improve it. However, just because you have a good credit score doesn’t mean you… Read More

Debit Card for Kids (as reported by www.springwise.com)

A new product out of the UK is making news in the financial world. It’s called Osper, and it’s a prepaid debit card meant to teach kids how to manage money. Aimed at parents with young children, the card connects to an app on your phone and allows kids to spend money on a budget…. Read More

Marriage and Credit Scores (as reported by Emily Guy Birken on moneyning.com)

Afraid that marrying the wrong person could negatively impact your credit score? Well, it can and it can’t. As Emily Guy Birken explains, your credit score is yours and yours alone. When you get married, your credit score and your spouse’s credit score are not directly affected. However, that does not mean that your finances… Read More