Debit Card for Kids (as reported by

A new product out of the UK is making news in the financial world. It’s called Osper, and it’s a prepaid debit card meant to teach kids how to manage money. Aimed at parents with young children, the card connects to an app on your phone and allows kids to spend money on a budget…. Read More

Marriage and Credit Scores (as reported by Emily Guy Birken on

Afraid that marrying the wrong person could negatively impact your credit score? Well, it can and it can’t. As Emily Guy Birken explains, your credit score is yours and yours alone. When you get married, your credit score and your spouse’s credit score are not directly affected. However, that does not mean that your finances… Read More

What to do When an Account Goes to Collections

Typically an account is sent to collections if it is more than 90 days past due.  What does this mean, how does this affect a credit report, and how is best to remedy the situation? A collection occurs when we are late on a payment; examples could be auto loans, utility payments, or other services… Read More

College Students and Credit Cards

Credit cards and available credit can be tempting, we all know this.  How should college students, often new to credit, choose what they charge on credit?  Greg Meyer shares some tips on his blog,  He advises only charging emergency expenses or something that could be considered an asset; necessary car repair or possibly books… Read More