What are Credit Unions? (as reported by Ryan Guina on cashmoneylife.com)

Have you considered joining a credit union? If you’re like most people, you don’t know what a credit union is. But the more you know, the more prepared you will be to manage your financial future. Credit unions are alternatives to traditional banks. The major difference between the two is that credit unions are non-profits,… Read More

High-Yield Checking (as reported by Sophia Bera on www.learnvest.com)

High-yield checking accounts offer the convenience of checking accounts, with growth potential similar to savings accounts. Though most banks offer some form of high-yield checking, many people are unaware that they exist. But these accounts can be great for certain people who wish to grow their wealth. For those among us who tend to keep… Read More


It is quite common today for student loans to be co-signed by parents and guardians of those students who are borrowing. In fact, almost 94% of all student loan dollars in the first three quarters of 2014-15 school year were co-signed. But the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has some warnings for parents vouching for their… Read More