The Importance of Shopping Banks (as reported by Pinyo on Moolanomy.Com)

It used to be that you did business with the local bank in your town. You didn’t have much to choose from, so you took what you could get. But in today’s world, you can choose a seemingly endless supply of banks, both online and off. So, to be truly financially responsible, it’s important that… Read More

Banks as the New Community Centers (as reported by Charles Passy via

In the age of online banking, some banks are implementing new ways to lure in existing and potential customers to their neighborhood branch. In an effort to become more community friendly, banks are hosting events and offering little perks to make visiting a branch a more enjoyable experience. To read more about this new strategy, read the full… Read More

Why does the Penny Endure? (as reported by Geoff Williams via

On February 4, Canada announced that it would cease to produce Canadian pennies. While this is of little significance in the U.S., it has reinvigorated an old question related to why the penny endures. In 2012, the U.S. produced $49 million in pennies. It cost $118 million. This cost inequality aside, how often do people… Read More

The Global Financial Crisis (via Share the World’s Resources

If you’re teaching economics along with personal finance, you’ll find this website to be very useful. It outlines some basic facts about the global financial crisis of 2008, and goes in-depth on the recurring problems of the world economy including debt-based consumer culture, unbalanced international trade, among other issues. Here you’ll find news updates, overviews,… Read More