Good habits tend to start early. So it should come as no surprise that building one’s credit is no exception. The benefits of establishing good credit have become somewhat common knowledge. The higher your score, the more likely you are to receive lower interest rates on loans. This is key when people are looking to purchase a new car or buy a home. It also increases your odds of approval on loans in general.

CNBC recently spoke with experts in the financial sector regarding this topic. One important takeaway is that it was recommended that individuals open their first credit card at age 18. The reason for this; establishing good credit at any early age. As you may already know, a perfect credit score is 850. The best ways to get there are to have a nearly (or better yet, entirely) unblemished record of payments, a lengthy credit history, and to keep your debt level low. Getting an early start sets younger folks up an opportunity to hit the optimal credit range ideally before they’ll even need to utilize it.

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