Thinking About Money (as reported by Claudia Hammond on

This may seem obvious, but how we think about money impacts how we spend it. A classic thought experiment repeated many times over proves the theory that as human beings, we mentally separate money into different “accounts” by what we intend to use it for. And the way we do this makes it more or… Read More

MoneyW!SE Program Concludes in the Bronx

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Working in Support of Education (w!se) is pleased to announce the conclusion of a successful semester of our MoneyW!SE program for survivors of domestic violence in the Bronx, NYC. Now in four major US cities, the program is made possible in the Bronx through a generous grant from The Allstate Foundation. Read More

Cash Instead of Cards (as reported by Saundra Latham on

Studies of financial behavior have indicated for years that American’s spend more money when they rely on credit cards than when they rely on cash. Credit cards allow us to put off the pain of paying for something, while still getting the immediate satisfaction that whatever we’re buying brings. A simple solution for spending less… Read More


The most common bit of personal financial advice you are likely to get throughout your working life is make sure you are saving for retirement. But Allison Schrager, writing for Quartz, suggests that that might be the easy part. We also have to plan for how we will spend the money we do save. In… Read More