Common Financial Scams (as reported by Sean McDonnell on

Financial scams abound. For as long as there has been money, there have been people who will find ways to go after money that isn’t theirs. Today, many financial scams originate online, and take advantage of people who are more vulnerable to attacks – the young, inexperienced banker or the aging retirees. The best way… Read More

Know Your Credit Score (as reported by Kathryn Vasel on

For many years, it was very difficult (in some cases, nearly impossible) for an individual to check his or her credit score. We had to hope that when we needed a loan, our score would be there to support us. Then companies started offering free and paid services so that people everywhere could check in… Read More

Millennials are not Investing (as reported by Preeti Varathan on

There are significant differences in the financial habits of different generations. And depending on whom you ask, that might be reason to worry about the future of our economy. Millennials, those born between 1983 and 2000, report an unusual ability to save with every paycheck. But rather than investing in the stock market, most young… Read More