Children’s Understanding of Money is Earlier than once thought (as reported by Andrew Oxlade via

A recent released study by Cambridge University has provided some interesting insight into how and when children learn to understand finance. The age at which these habits develop is much earlier than many might think and will have profound effects throughout their lifetimes. The evidence in support of financial literacy education early in life continues… Read More

Cost of Selling a Home (As Reported by Carla Fried on

The good news is home sellers are in a better position now than they’ve been since before the financial crisis. The bad news is that most don’t plan enough for the costs that most people incur when going through the sales process. In addition to commission for real estate agents, there are often out of… Read More

Identity Theft: dangers and prevention (as reported by Sheyna Steiner via

Despite its recent comedic portrayal in the media, identity theft can prove to be a very problematic and even life threatening situation. In this article, victims’ stories illustrate the multiple problems they face and the difficulties of remedying them. Learn the most common ways people put themselves at risk and the best identity theft prevention tips here. Read More