Retirement Planning Mistakes (as reported by Robert Berger on

Nothing should keep you from preparing for your retirement. But too many Americans don’t pay attention to their retirement planning until it’s too late. Robert Berger, writing for Yahoo Finance, outlines seven common mistakes that people make that could put their finances at risk. The first is choosing to pay off debt before setting aside… Read More

Boost Your Tax Refund (as reported by Andre McNeil on

This is the time of year when taxes are on everyone’s mind. Many of us count on a healthy tax refund in the spring to help us pay for important items we have waited for, or as a nice boost to our savings. So how can you ensure that you get the most back this… Read More

The Rule of 752 (as reported by on

You first goal in building wealth should always be to earn more than you spend. In order to do that, most people look to cut expenses. It’s natural to first look at your bigger costs, but don’t ignore those smaller and more frequent expenses. The Rule of 752 can help you pay closer attention to… Read More

Better Money Habits Courses

Have you heard of KhanAcademy? Founded in 2006 by Salman Khan, the company makes hundreds of courses available for free online, on topics which range from history to calculus. And recently, they partnered with Bank of America to create a portal of courses on personal finance subjects which they called “Better Money Habits”. Whether you’re… Read More

Where to Turn for a Financial Check-Up

Most of us understand the importance of routine car maintenance and yearly health check-ups; why is choosing a Financial Adviser to review the health of our retirement portfolio something that makes us so uncomfortable?  For starters, how are we to know if the person dispensing advice truly has our best interests in mind?  And then… Read More