Are You Financially Healthy? (as reported by Liz Weston on

If someone asked you whether or not you are financially healthy, how would you answer? Most people would respond with some variation of, “What do you mean?” We don’t have a great definition for financial health in this country. And the sad truth is, as a nation, we are not very financially healthy. There are… Read More

Financial Freedom Checklist (as reported by Bob at

Checklists are a handy tool that many people use to help them reach their goals. By breaking down one big goal into a series of smaller goals, you can make the tasks easier and more attainable. The people over at Seed Time have created a great starter checklist for people who wish to achieve financial… Read More


Taxes are complicated. There is no avoiding that. The US tax code is so complex that its likely even a lawyer who specializes on tax law doesn’t know all the details. So how can you or I be expected to understand them? While becoming an expert in the tax code may not be possible, there… Read More