Voya Financial Supports W!se Financial Literacy Program

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 11, 2019 Media Contact: Mary Jo Rohrer | 212-421-2700 | mjrohrer@wise-ny.org Voya Financial® Supports W!se Financial Literacy Program New York, NY, – Working in Support of Education (W!se) is pleased to announce it has received a generous grant from Voya Financial® to continue to support the Financial Literacy Certification Program in… Read More

How to Raise Financially Independent Daughters

Check out this article which prepares parents and guardians for how to ensure that their daughters are raised with the same amount of financial knowledge as their sons. Some starter tips are listed below: -Model money equality at home. -Teach money-management behaviors early. -Narrate your actions and thought processes involving money. -Be honest about your… Read More

NJ middle schools now required to offer financial literacy courses

W!se is thrilled to share the news that all New Jersey middle schools are now required to offer financial literacy courses. The new law will go into effect in September to start the new school year on a strong note! https://apnews.com/0643abb8f79c45a392ec40343a4665e0 Read More

6 Important Reasons Why You Must Focus on Gaining Financial Literacy (Guest Post by Rick Pendykoski of Self Directed Retirement Plans)

Financial literacy is the knowledge of understanding how money works. It also helps you understand different aspects of finances like investment, management and expenditure. Apart from enabling you to make financially responsible decisions, it also helps you increase wealth. Putting money in the right places like the stock market and Roth 401k can help you… Read More

Financial Literacy Around the World (reported by howmuch.net)

Visualizing Financial Literacy Rates Around the World What is financial literacy? The S&P’s Global Financial Literacy Survey defines it as the ability to understand essential financial concepts in making informed decisions about saving, investing and borrowing. The survey asked respondents a series of financial literacy questions. Here’s one example. Suppose you have some money. Is it safer to… Read More


NEW YORK, N.Y. – Working in Support of Education (W!se) is pleased to announce that The Moody’s Foundation has provided a generous grant to support W!se programs at the Title I High School of Economics & Finance (HSEF) in lower Manhattan. The grant supports the W!se Institute, the Moody’s Summer Experience, and the Moody’s Research… Read More

FICO Plans Big Shift in Credit-Score Calculations (As reported by AnnaMaria Andriotis on www.wsj.com)

Read about how new credit-scoring system aims to ease loan approvals. “A decade after the subprime-mortgage binge nearly brought down the U.S. financial system, consumer lenders remain wary of borrowers with low credit scores. Banks have spent much of the past 10 years chasing ultra-creditworthy borrowers. Yet that slice of the market, which has grown… Read More