Smart Education (as reported by Richard Barrington on

We’ve all heard the saying that an investment in your education is the best investment you can ever make. But even an investment in education needs to be well thought out, especially in a time of rising student loan debt and high unemployment among recent graduates. Not all degrees are created equal, and nothing can… Read More

Is Financial Aid Working? (as reported by Jon Marcus on

For a variety of reasons, some perhaps still unknown, more financial aid for education has been going to children of families who don’t need it rather than the poorer families who can’t afford college without it. As the Obama administration once again begins to address income inequality and its relation to education, it is becoming… Read More

Every Job In America (as reported by Quoctrung Bui at NPR’s Planet Money Blog)

Economists estimate that there are approximately 137 million jobs in the United States. How are they distributed?  It’s clear that over the past decades America has moved from a focus on goods production to a largely service industry.  Planet Money has charted this detail from U.S. government’s monthly jobs report to illustrate the size (in… Read More

Choosing Cheaper Schools (as reported by Kathleen Kingsbury on Finance.Yahoo.Com)

While college costs are still rising at universities around the country, Sallie Mae’s annual “How America Pays for College” report suggests that more and more families are saving by choosing less expensive schools. For the first time in many years, the average college-related costs per student went down for the 2012-13 school year. Focusing on… Read More

Budgeting for a College Education (as reported by Gerber Life on

There are a number of big ticket items that people will purchase in their lifetimes, such as cars, houses, and vacations. But there is perhaps no purchase that will be bigger than a college education. Most parents hope to help out, if not take care of their children’s college tuition completely. But the cost is… Read More