How to React to Your Finances in COVID 19 (Guest Post by Shiv Nanda of MoneyTap)

Owing to the global lock-down, the stock markets have plummeted, workers have been forced to stay home from work, schools have shut, and many small businesses face financial problems due to the uncertainty the pandemic has brought about. In such times, it is only natural to have significant financial concerns. There are some smart financial… Read More

Paying Yourself First as a Small Business Owner (Guest Post by Careful Cents)

As technology grows and evolves, the workplace seems to be following suit.  While there are still many traditional jobs to be had, the popularity of small businesses, freelancers, digital nomads, and other non-traditional professions is truly on the rise.  As with any new job venture, though, there are often questions associated with the process and… Read More

Rent vs Buy Prices in Every State (as reported by

According to experts, we should not spend more than 30% of our income on housing. However, for many people these days, that is an unrealistic expectation. Housing prices have been rising far faster than wages. And many people have been priced out of the neighborhoods that they have long called home. And it’s not just… Read More

Lower Your Cable Bill (as reported by Chris Brantner on

It’s natural and healthy to always be on the lookout for ways to save money in your life. Lowering expenses is the only way to increase your savings if earning more isn’t possible. One common expenditure that people are eager to cut back on is cable. That monthly bill that seems to increase every year… Read More