NEW YORK, N.Y. – Working in Support of Education (w!se) is teaming up with and Goldman Sachs to help more than 200 high school students from across New York City strengthen their college and career-readiness skills. Through Goldman Sachs Community TeamWorks, Goldman employees will conduct mock interviews, teach students about networking and give students a glimpse into the world of college and careers. 

The Goldman Sachs Community TeamWorks days with w!se will take place on:

  • May 17th at Emma Lazarus High School where Goldman Sachs employees will conduct mock-interviews to help English language learners (ELL) prepare for workplace interviews, as well as learn about careers in finance;
  • May 18th at Leadership & Public Service High School where Goldman Sachs employees will participate in a College and Career Day event to help students learn about various colleges, academic majors and professional fields;
  • May 20th at the w!se Quality of Life INNOVATIONS (QLI) Institute where Goldman Sachs employees will serve as mock panel judges and coaches to help students prepare oral presentations for the annual QLI social entrepreneurship competition; and
  • October 4th at Goldman Sachs where employees will hold mock interviews to help students prepare for workplace interviews as well as explore careers in finance with students.

“We are deeply grateful to Goldman Sachs for partnering with us to support high school students,” said Phyllis F. Perillo, w!se President and CEO. “The continued support of Goldman Sachs is critical in ensuring that high schools students receive the world-class college and career readiness mentoring they deserve,” she added.

The Goldman Sachs Community TeamWorks days will be conducted in partnership with w!se Institute staff.

Launched in 2003, the w!se Institute is a four-year program for students at HSEF that provides relevant real world learning opportunities to enhance understanding of economics and finance, to better prepare students for college acceptance and completion and to equip student with marketable employment skills. The w!se Institute curates more than 100 eight-week seminars, divided into four modules, to serve 100% of 9-12th grade students annually. Seminars focus on Economics and Finance; Arts, Humanities and Communications; STEM; and College and Career Skills. Nearly 300 vetted volunteers from government agencies, corporations and nonprofits teach these seminars, delivering cultural enrichment, college preparation and career exposure.

About Goldman Sachs Community TeamWorks

Goldman Sachs Community TeamWorks embodies the firm’s culture of service. Through CTW, the people of Goldman Sachs contribute their ideas and expertise to drive tangible progress in local communities around the world. In 2016, people from across 48 offices in 21 countries participated in CTW projects. To learn more visit:

About the w!se Quality of Life INNOVATIONS (QLI) Program

The Quality of Life INNOVATIONS Program (QLI) develops college readiness in high school students through a project-based educational challenge. QLI students learn how they can make a difference in their communities by researching, then creating and presenting feasible solutions to real-world problems. More than 900 students from 17 schools participated in our 2016 Program. The 2016 First Place proposal that received a college scholarship was Heat It Up: Joining the Fight against Plastic Bag Pollution with Solar-Powered Recycling. The student, from the High School of Telecommunications, Arts, & Technology, created a solar-powered device that melts plastic bags into reusable shopping bags.

About w!se

Working in Support of Education (w!se) is a leading educational 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in New York City with a mission to improve the lives of young people and at-risk adults through programs in 46 states that develop financial literacy and readiness for college and the workforce.

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