Student loans. For about 70% of college-bound individuals, these are dirty words. But for most, they are also a necessity. The prospect of signing up for [potentially] decades worth of debt might not sound too appealing. However, the reality is that student loans are still perhaps the most realistic option for the majority of Americans to pay for their higher education.

With that said, the phrase “student loans” does not have to evoke fear. If one were to have an immediate plan of action, perhaps that person could pay off a sizeable portion of their debt within their first few years out of school. That’s exactly what Romario Nicholas has done. Starting off with a balance of $109,000, he has managed to pay off roughly 47% in only 1.5 years! That’s incredible! It’s also very feasible, which is the point of the following video. Watch as Romario explains just how he accomplished this extraordinary financial feat.

For more personal finance content, you can check out Romario’s YouTube channel here.

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