It can be easy to fall into the pitfalls of bad spending habits. This point holds especially true in the case of college graduation. For most of us, this time is filled with tons of excitement and wonder. “Now that I’ve got my degree, the money will just start pouring in.” While there’s a chance that could be true, in the majority of cases, it isn’t quite that simple.

Graduating from college is absolutely an accomplishment in and of itself. But it’s also quite an expensive endeavor. Most American students will need to take out some form of student loans to cover the cost. And depending on your goals right out of school (moving out, buying a car, etc.), you might have some additional expenses to address.

This is why it’s critical to create a budget, and live within your means. Simply put; spend less on your lifestyle choices than the net income you’re earning. Doing so will allow you to save money for things that could be total necessities down the road. Perhaps you’d like to start contributing to a retirement account. Or maybe you’re looking to build up a safety net/emergency fund, in case you’re unable to work for an extended period of time. Whatever the case may be, you’ll want to be prepared.

That’s where YouTuber Romario Nicholas comes in. The millennial professional offers his insight and experiences on how to stay clear of these spending hurdles, and focus on building a stable and lucrative financial future.

For more personal finance content, you can check out Romario’s YouTube channel here.

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