One of the most stable investments any individual can make is in their education. A four year bachelor’s (and a post secondary degree if one pleases) can have a profound effect on one’s earning potential moving forward.

There are some of you out there that are currently in the midst of your career search. Then, there are those of you whom have settled into your first full time post-graduation position.

Regardless of where you might stand, staying on top of one’s own personal finances is an essential part of adulthood. That first year’s salary might seem enticing, and our natural impulse is to spend. However, enduring the grueling process of financial planning can only help guide you to a more secure future.

Dr. Allan Eberhart, a professor of finance at Georgetown University, recently lent his words of wisdom to the folks over at Bloomberg Business. Among his many pieces of advice, he advises young professionals to seek a 100% matching contribution to a retirement plan (like an IRA or 401K) on behalf of a prospective employer.

“You should never turn down opportunities for your employer to match your retirement savings—a dollar–for-dollar match is a 100-percent return on your money, pretax. Make sure you have enough cash to function but then max out your employer contributions,” explained Dr. Eberhart.

To view this article, click here. To learn more about Dr. Eberhart and his work at Georgetown, click here.

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