For many young professionals, the prospect of retirement is a mere afterthought. Following the conclusion of one’s higher education, their immediate concerns seem to be tied mostly to securing employment and properly achieving balance in their own personal budget. At least, that is what the old convention appeared to be.

Now it would seem as though planning ahead for the later stages of life is a growing trend. According to CNN Money, Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies had recently conducted a survey. The results have determined that nearly two thirds (67%) of workers in their 20s have started putting money away for retirement.

While it certainly appears to be a step towards a more financially literate workforce, proper education is still a necessity.

“Nearly 20% of those in their 20s who are saving, said they know “nothing” about how they should invest and allocate their assets. About 27% said they weren’t sure how their savings were currently being invested,” reports’s Katie Lobosco.

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