If you scour the internet, you can find a near endless assortment of personal finance blogs and articles. There’s so much information out there, from such a wide variety of sources, that trying to read it all would be a practice in futility.

That’s why Trent Hamm, on his site The Simple Dollar, boiled it all down into five pillars of personal financial advice. As he sees it, they are:

  1. “You need to have an internal reason for getting in control of your money.”

  2. “You need to know where your money is going.”

  3. “You need to be able to live within your means and spend less than you earn.”

  4. “You need to value the long term at least as much as the short term.”

  5. “You need to learn how to control your emotions around money.”

To read the details of all five pillars, click here.

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