As vaccination numbers rise and new COVID 19 case rates drop, Americans slowly return to “post-pandemic” life. While we might not be over the hump, a finish line appears to roughly be in sight. And with renewed faith in public living, we also see a resurgence in the economy as a whole. It makes sense. People will begin to resume their lives in full, which means spending habits will start to revert to the norm for most.

One key difference from now compared to early 2020? Many Americans have built up a sizable stash of disposable income, having saved quite a bit during their time away from pre-COVID 19 life. This, along with several psychological factors could mean we see quite a bit of overspending on the horizon. The good folks over at Vox have explained the phenomena that likely will trigger this reaction en mass among US citizens. To read the full article, please click here.

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