There seems to be a growing emphasis on the age of 30. Today’s youth is fixated on that number; the age at which true adulthood seemingly begins.

For many, the start of a person’s fourth decade on the planet is marked by several key milestones. You might be in possession of a car, or a home. One may or may not be in a committed long term relationship, perhaps even married. Kids? Yet another possibility.

Most individuals have likely established a sizable working history. It might not be a fortune, but the money you’ve made in your twenties could go a long way towards an eventual goal of retirement. In fact, a good head start (25 or younger) appears to be recommended for effective long term saving.

Gene Giannotta of has compiled a list of 23 financially sound practices that nearly everyone should pay mind to, especially before age 30.

To see the full article, along with the accompanying slideshow, click here.

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