Financial Literacy AssessmentW!se is a nationally recognized assessment and credentialing organization. Our rigorous Certification Tests examine participants’ knowledge of the relevant content, and test-takers who pass earn our widely regarded credential demonstrating they have mastered the subject matter.

Financial Literacy Certifications

Our programs offer certifications to a wide range of participants:

  • High School students, from schools that participate in the Financial Literacy Certification program, become Certified Financially Literate™ after taking a course or unit on personal finance and passing the W!se Financial Literacy Certification Test.
  • Survivors of domestic violence earn our Certified Financially Literate™ credential after they complete a course on personal finance through our MoneyW!SE program.
  • Instructors and educators, who are interested in earning a certification to teach personal finance, can take our unique Certification in Personal Finance Test.

For more information on our financial literacy certifications, please contact us.


We frequently develop assessments for third-party organizations. Previous clients include the American Institute for Economic Research, Borough of Manhattan Community College, DECA and Pearson. Visit our Services page for more information.